Fertility, Prenatal, Maternity & Postnatal Care

Prenatal Health: In traditional Chinese medicine we look at the body as a whole and how it is functioning. From there we restore balance and release blockages to gain optimal health. Our goal it to create the most balanced and healthy individual so that fertility will be at it's maximum. The health and well-being of your entire body is crucial when preparing to conceive naturally. As your overall health increases your fertility will simultaneously increase. For conception to occur there needs to be enough of you to create another. Awareness of your body's needs and trusting that will only prepare you for the future. We provide you with specialized recommendations focusing on diet, exercise, stretches, exercises, herbs and supplements.

Pregnancy and Delivery: During pregnancy, more that any other time in life, women are more likely to seek out natural remedies and non invasive, drug-free pain relief. In Chinese medicine it is believes that symptoms arising during pregnancy should be corrected as soon as possible to avoid imbalances resulting in a decrease of the body's energy necessary for proper fetal growth. Here are some of the symptoms that Chinese medicine can help with.

First trimester: The time that is considered one of the most crucial. Chinese medicine can help stabilize the fetus, and address other symptoms such as morning sickness. This trimester requires the most attentive care and weekly visits are recommended.

Second trimester: During this trimester acupuncture can help to address any symptoms that arise such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, leg cramps, dizziness, pain, edema, etc. Depending on the symptoms we generally recommend one or two treatments a month.

Third trimester: During this time acupuncture can help relieve symptoms such as back pain, heartburn, varicose, veins and hemorrhoids that can cause discomfort. Recommended treatments are based on the symptoms.

Pre-birth Acupuncture: This involves a series of four treatments starting at the 36th or 37th week. This will prepare the body for efficient labor, help to ripen the cervix, help to position the baby in the best presentation, promotes optimal energy and stamina for the labor. The latest research shows that women who receive pre-birth acupuncture have a 35% reduction in the need for induction and if it is your first birth it is a 43% reduction. Also a 31% reduction in the need of an epidural.

Postpartum: The process of delivery and childbirth can leave the mother's body depleted. If the mother's constitution is deficient we can recommend herbs and acupuncture to help. As she regains her strength, energy will increase and breastfeeding will also benefit. Some symptoms that can be treated: fatigue, depression, healing, etc.

Fertility: Chinese Medicine has a long history of helping women with fertility issues and hormone balance. Looking at your health and well being as a whole we are able to develop an individualized treatment plan unique to you. Chinese Medicine has also been shown to help with male fertility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fertility:

Q: Can I get treatment if I have already decided to do IVF?

A: YES! In fact many fertility clinics already offer acupuncture services because they recognize the great benefit their patients receive from regular treatments.

Q: What if I am taking fertility drugs?

A: Chinese Medicine is safe to use when you are taking fertility medications and can even help you deal with some of the side effects of these medications. As part of our training we are familiar with the commonly used drugs for fertility, and know how to work with patients on these medications.

Q: How long will this take?

A: Chinese Medicine is not a quick fix. Sometimes we have the great fortune of helping our patients get pregnant right away, but sometimes it can take a little longer. On your initial appointment we take the time to discuss your case and prognosis and will always recommend further ART treatment if we don't feel that Chinese Medicine alone will help your case.

Who can Benefit?

  • People who have had trouble conceiving but tests don't show any abnormalities
  • People who want to conceive naturally without drugs or other medical intervention
  • People preparing for IVF or other ART procedures
  • People who have been turned away from IVF clinics
  • People who have been diagnosed with mild or moderate issues to fertility

If you have any questions or concerns please email us to discuss your individual case at:

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